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SERGEJ tactical webbing trouser straps

SERGEJ tactical webbing trouser straps

Tactical trouser belts are new to our offerings. Signed by our brand, the straps are made of proven and very strong polypropylene webbing which is combined with a strong metal alloy buckle.

Join us for today's short presentation where you'll learn whether it's worth buying a military trouser belt, why it's so convenient and what its benefits are?

In addition, the military belt is also a proven gift idea not only for a fan of military gadgets and survivalism. Thanks to the practicality and durability of this type of original gift will appeal to any man.

Military trouser belts are available in many colors - the most popular, of course, is black, but to choose are color green, blue, brown, beige or gray.

Trouser belt with military buckle

Military belts are equipped with special military buckles. They are characterized by very high durability and careful workmanship. The buckle is thick and made of strong metal. The connecting elements of the buckle (latches) are also made entirely of metal alloys. The buckle shows two values indicating the strength of the belt in the loop, and in tension. They are 24 kN and 12 kN, respectively. These values are equivalent to a load of about 1200 kg and 2400 kg.

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Comfortable military trouser straps

Military trouser belts, in addition to being very durable, are also comfortable. Military-style buckle is easy to unfasten and fasten. It consists of two components, which are connected to each other via a latch. Simply slide one piece into the other until it snaps into place.

To unbuckle the SRP-01 military belt, press the two protruding gold-colored metal buttons on the sides of the buckle simultaneously. When the buttons are pressed, one piece of the buckle can be removed from the other.

A belt that you don't have to adjust every now and then

Military trouser belts have another very big advantage, you don't have to adjust their length every now and then. Just a one-time length adjustment for a long time.

The length of the belt is adjusted very precisely by pulling the belt through the buckle element and its excess through a special loop. The belt thus adjusted only needs to be fastened and unfastened afterwards, as its length will not change. If the strip would be much too much and it would bother you, you can simply cut off the excess with scissors.

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IdoSell Trusted Reviews
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Bardzo dobra obsługa, szybka dostawa. Oferta dotyczyła koloru szarego, na moją prośbę dostałam i szary i czarny kolor- bardzo za to dziękuję. Polecam serdecznie :) pozdrawiam.