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What color wallet to choose for good luck?

What color wallet to choose for good luck?

What color wallet to choose to bring us luck and attract money? According to the vast majority of people, red-colored wallets have these characteristics. This has to do with with the science of Feng Shui in which the color red symbolizes fire and brings wealth, and prosperity.

Why a red wallet attracts money?

Is it true that a red wallet attracts money? I think it also depends indirectly on whether we ourselves believe the claim. If we ourselves consider the red purse as a gadget that should bring us luck and riches then chances are that having it will motivate us to act. Then surely any successes we manage to achieve can be attributed to some degree to this supplement. Especially it will be a strong conviction if the streak of successes will be accretive since the moment of entering the red portfolio. Then we will definitely believe it and pass it on, that we ourselves have confirmed the thesis on this subject.

However, it is important to remember that simply having a red wallet is unlikely to attract wealth on its own without our work. If, on the other hand, it motivates us to work harder and pursue our dreams, then it will certainly pay off and it is worth believing in it.

Regardless of whether you believe in theories on the subject, wallets in red are simply beautiful. These are definitely the most popular women's wallets. I don't know how much of the significance here is the belief in the wealth it will bring us and how much is simply elegance.

By the way, welcome to our category containing ladies' wallets. There you will find a large selection of wallets, not only in red :)

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